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The Musician's EarTM
"Hassle-free" Stereo Microphone for Musicians

Hear the Ear

Recordings used by kind permission of the performers; no endorsement implied. Occasional "ticks" are not present in originals. In violin/piano samples, a creaking stage floor is sometimes heard.

Order the Ear

Do not send money. Email to check on availability. When requested, send deposit of half the price to reserve your Ear. Remainder is due before Ear is shipped.

Complete Information
(If you prefer PDF, here's a one-page flyer.)

Lies on floor. No need for stand, boom or shock mount. Yet it hears you well, even from a distance.

Plugs into Line input of any recorder. No "mike input" needed; no preamplifier needed. (Preamps are built in.)

Dimensions: Smaller than a piece of typing paper (but thicker): 10.5 x 6.75 x 1.5 inches; see photo below. (Prototype, shown at top, is a bit smaller.)

Weight: Approximately one pound, six ounces, including batteries (not supplied) and cable.

Features: Pilot light is also battery-level indicator. Protection circuitry prevents damage from wrong insertion of batteries.

Conceived and designed by: James Boyk. Circuit by Peter Sutheim, Earworks. Board layout: Leon Bellan.

Price: $695. Note that when you use The Musician's Ear, you do not need the following items: Stereo preamplifier, mike stand, boom, shock mount, mike cables.



The first three Ear mikes before shipping to Ohio State University's Music Department. (Switches are white when off, pale green when on, as in top picture.)


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