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Out of Tune Piano Blues
James Boyk

A puzzle that only a musician could solve.
A mystery that only a musician could write.

Join concert pianist Arthur Singer, 30, in his 18th season on tour, as he spends a week at Wisconsin University at Black Falls. Encounter with him, not a routine college visit, but a panoply of characters old and young, a passionate romance sparked by music, and a crime that only a musician could solve.

James Boyk inducts the reader into the mind of the performer and the heart of the teacher-student relationship; and reveals how the soul of an artist, cradled by music, may be torn apart by the tensions of a career.

For lovers of music and mystery, for those fascinated by the complexities of human characters and the intricacies of detective stories, this book offers a unique blend, in language unexpected, precise, and transparent, and with music penetrating the entire fabric of the story.


Title: Out of Tune Piano Blues
Author: James Boyk
Category: Fiction (mystery)
Imprint: Performance Recordings ®
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-41841-4
Where to buy:
Price: $19.95 + S&H
Size: 6x9
Pages: 246
Age Range: Adult
Released: May 2011


James Boyk,, 1-310-463-4806.

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