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Pianist James Boyk is internationally-known as a recording artist and for his private teaching and master-classes. For 30 years Pianist in Residence at California Institute of Technology, he is the author of To Hear Ourselves As Others Hear Us, Know Thy Piano, and A Musician's ABC.


Video:  James Boyk teaching

: :  Very short videos  : :

"Before and After, No. 1".  With violinist Candace Chang  (4:44)

"Before and After, No. 2".  'Cellist Cynthia Peck  (2:02)

"Before and After, No. 3".  Pianist Shanti Rao  (1:37)

: :  Complete class videos  : :

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, with violinist Candace Chang  (81 min.)

Piano Masterclass with Dan Rogstad  (65 min.)

A Serious Lesson in Grinning, with 'cellist Cynthia Peck  (42 min.)


Audio:  James Boyk in concert

Prokofiev Sixth Sonata, Opus 82: Finale.   (Performance Recordings® pr8cd)

Beethoven Bagatelle, Opus 33, No. 7  (Performance Recordings® pr9cd)

Bach Chromatic Fantasy, from Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue  (Performance Recordings® pr10)

Chopin Fantasy in F minor, Opus 49. Complete.  (Performance Recordings® pr2. OUT OF PRINT.)


Audio:  Saiko Okawa in concert

Saiko Okawa won competitions in Japan from childhood. Her Ravel "Pavane for a Dead Princess" is from a concert at Los Angeles County Museum of Art during her three years' study with James Boyk. The concert was broadcast live in Los Angeles and San Francisco. (Turn volume up a bit.)


Video:  Tony Lee in concert

Tony Lee coached with James Boyk for six months before this performance of the Rachmaninoff 3rd Concerto. Three-minute excerpts.  Entire concerto.  (Turn down volume somewhat.)



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